Extremely Dangerous Proposition

The president has assured his supporters that are worried he may catch the Corona virus at the indoor event scheduled for the Latino community. His team is aware of the dangers of holding an indoor rally with no social distancing or mask requirements among a bunch of Latinos who have a high concentration of Corona … More

A Calming Affect on Americans

President Trump is holding his indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada. His last indoor rally in Tulsa brought a virus surge 2 weeks later. The president will not require masks, social distancing or limitations on capacity. The rally will be violating the state’s Covid-19 directives and subject the business owner to fines and revocation of the … More

The Fight To Prevent Fear

President Trump, in another brilliant move, conducted several hours of interviews with Bob Woodward, the famous reporter who basically took down Nixon. The president revealed his amazingplan: that he had to play down the seriousness of the Corona virus to prevent panic that would shock the stock market and cause people to be scared. The … More

The world has never seen a better advocate for everybody

President Trump has declared that he truly believes the only possible way he could lose is if the election is rigged. Trump has been the best thing minorities, majorities and everything in-between has ever seen. The world has never seen a better advocate for everybody. Many of the fake news have asked the president to … More

Good Thinking, Mr President

Dr Carson and Mike Lindell of Mr Pillow fame have joined forces to build a special pillow for the Republican Trump brain. This brilliant design has been worked on at nights to accommodate some of the all night seances at the White House. Much of the cabinet and even the president himself noticed how uncomfortable … More

Mr. Pillow Cures Corona

President Trump has determined that oleander, a botanical extract product, is a cure for Corona. This has been confirmed by Dr Carson. Mr Pillow, Mike Lindell is on the board of director’s of the company that produces the cure for Corona. Mike Lindell is a true authority on this Corona treatment.He single-handedly changed the entire … More

Cut the Meat

The president has announced the most earth-shattering news ever to come to the ears of anyone in this or any other country. In a burning-bush discussion between the president and the burning bush, the burning bush disclosed that, if Trump wins, not only will the US flourish… but the second coming of Christ as predicted … More

Shut it Down, Once and For All!

President Trump has announced he is de-funding the post office. The funds allocated so far will extend services to the end of the week. The president knows many may think that this is a political act meant to discourage mail in voting. But NO! This is a BRAVE and BOLD step to shut down the … More

Free Choice and Image Projection

The president is holding a rally at Mount Rushmore and has his construction company’s scoping the mountain area for the appropriate location for his image on the mountain. The president and governor have declared that no social distancing will be required although free masks will be provided. They will also not be required. This arrangement … More

Ultimate Corona Attack on Every State

The Sturgis motorcycle rally, a giant party with 250,000 motorcyclist in a town of 7000 – and with Corona on the rise – will host what a lot of people are calling the ultimate Corona attack on every state in the country. People who ride motorcycles to rallies, get drunk and party are known to … More


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