Shut it Down, Once and For All!

President Trump has announced he is de-funding the post office. The funds allocated so far will extend services to the end of the week. The president knows many may think that this is a political act meant to discourage mail in voting. But NO! This is a BRAVE and BOLD step to shut down the Corona virus once and for all! His Corona virus team, the 3 Amigos, plus a new 1 – Dr Scott Atlas, an extremely well respected and famous scientist who will be working with the 3 Medical Amigos, Dr Phil, Carson, Oz, now referred to as the 4 Medical Amigos. Dr. Scott is not afraid to buck the fake scientific data and had always accurately advocated keeping everything wide open and herd immunity. His insight, coupled with the original 3 Amigos, assisted in this breakthrough post office spread discovery. They have discovered how the virus is truly spread … by the POST OFFICE delivering contaminated mail from people with the virus using the mail, hence spreading to anyone touching the envelopes.

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