Coast-to-Coast Coverage

As the Trump twins matured, at the age of 4 just before entering school, their father swore Dr. Carson to secrecy. Being super rich, he was able to send the bigger-brained Trump (BB Trump) to the finest academies. The other twin was secretly educated by private tutors and trained to speak in the most basic terms. He was known as small-brained Trump (SB Trump).

Daddy Trump had big plans for his kids. He worked night and day to promote candidates and contribute fortunes to multiple Republican candidates in the name of BB Trump, while getting SB Trump to work at Republican Headquarters. Daddy Trump was able to accomplish using BOTH sons simultaneously by working them on different coasts! With no internet and limited communications, no one in the party was aware that 2 Trumps on opposite coasts were making friends and influencing politicians.

It wasn’t long before Daddy Trump noticed that SB Trump was moving up the ranks of the Party at warp-speed. While BB-Trump was stalled at the bottom.

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