Where it all begins

The CDC has released guidance on how to re-open safely, with the exception of religious services.
This obvious omission was done at the urging of president Trump and in contradiction to the CDC. Trump has fired all the medically-trained scientist at the CDC and has replaced them with his trusted scientific medical advisers, recruited from the Republican National Party.

It was determined that the scientific community has been totally brainwashed by liberal medical colleges who are the sworn enemies of Trump and would do anything to take back the 2016 election. Attorney General Barr is investigating these alleged scientists and recommended a declaration of war against infidel-inspired colleges.

Trump has assigned the three medical amigos: Phil, Carson and Oz – to create a list of heretical theories that are the mainstay of college thinking and research how these theories were developed. Barr will investigate and bring the proper indictments. Alice has uncovered what has been appropriately titled “the list of fakes”

  1. Earth not center of universe
  2. earth not flat
  3. 3 dinosaurs

These heretical theories, promoted by liberal colleges are where it all begins.

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