Spread the Word and Virus Rally

President Trump has announced the “Spread the Word and Virus Rally ” to be held in the county with the highest increase in Corona virus of anywhere in the country. This Oklahoma county has an indoor facility that holds lots of people,, providing all necessary conditions for a big spread.

Shouting, no distance separation, no mask requirement, long duration close together.
At least 20,000 people with these risk factors! Scientists have predicted at least a thousand people should be affected. Every indicator the president’s crack Corona team has reviewed directly contradicts these fake scientific predictions. Three bone-throws in a row and a confirmatory 4th bone-throw, 2 seances, and a thorough review of star alignment by the 3 medical amigos Dr Carson, Oz and Phil predicted without reservation that infections will be non-existent . Once and for all proving these fake scientists are working to destroy the economy and Trumps re-election.

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