Fake Moon Landing

Attorney General Barr has launched an investigation into the truth behind the moon landing
and Neil Armstrong’s ties to the Democratic party and the Clinton Obama Deep State.
A lot of people were talking about the launch about to take place in space, the first for us in ten years. The conversations naturally turned toward the US moon landing. Having access to the moon materials brought back, President Trump decided to allow the 3 medical amigos Carson, Phil and Oz, to analyze the moon rocks. After a full scientific analysis of these rocks, the 3 medical amigos determined that
Neil Armstrong is a Democrat. Shortly before the launch, Armstrong was reported to have purchased several pounds of green cheese at the local deli. Inside the rocks themselves there was no sign of cheese, however the outside of the rocks were liberally coated with green cheese. Attorney General Barr is determined to get to the bottom of this. He has a reputation for getting to the bottom.
In the meantime, the President is reserving judgement on the fake moon landing.

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