Everything and Everybody Has a Price Tag

Fox News has independently evaluated Dr. Fauci’s career and has determined that he has never ran for elected office and is making decisions affecting the health and welfare of the general public and is being listened to by elected officials, except Trump who is not fooled.

Just because Dr. Fauci has degrees and has studied and helped manage many epidemics and HIV, he is playing all sides by recommending schools be kept closed. This was not acceptable to the president and Fox News. His motives are questionable. He appears to believe that pain, suffering and death have no price tag. This type of blasphemy has no place in Trump Philosophy, adopted hook, line and sinker by Fox News and the Republican Party. Everything and everybody has a price tag. That is a non-negotiable tenet. If you aren’t with us, you are against us. Goodbye Dr. Fauci.

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